Melanie Celis - A Cognitive Science Nerd Turned Hairstylist and Salon Owner

My Big Story

Melanie Celis tells a story of pausing her career and redirecting it to a first love. She’s also disrupting the norm by bringing a fresh approach to her clients and business — helping people grow and be more in life




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Melanie Celis and Adrianna St. Clair are co-owners of a hair salon. At first look, that doesn’t seem so uncommon. But soon Melanie reveals how very uncommon both her business and approach are to the hairstylist world. Having felt empty and unfulfilled in her career trajectory, she decided to pivot and follow the vision she had as an 11-year-old girl in a shopping mall – become a hairstylist. Much to the chagrin of an early non-supporter, Melanie opened her now blossoming business. She not only found value in the personal connections made, opportunities to help others grow, and discovery of “flow state” cutting and coloring hair, she also picked up many of the hard lessons and rewards that opening a new business brings. Melanie clearly loves what she does and uses it to help others. Tune in to hear snippets on how this former cognitive science major followed her passion for hair and people.


Key Takeaways

[02:07] Christopher welcomes Melanie Celis to the show to speak on opening her salon.
[03:34] The salon is focused solely on haircuts and color, with staff having received trainings by Goldwell Master Colorists.
[05:50] Why open a salon, and why hair? Melanie shares her desire to be a small business owner, and give something positive and inspiring to her clientele.
[09:19] Was Melanie just opening a salon, or following a bigger dream based on opportunity and personal growth?
[13:05] One of the best lessons learned in self-discovery can be finding what you don’t like, rather than only pursuing what you might love.
[14:45] Melanie is developing systems and trainings – in the “cooking but not done” phase – to help other entrepreneurs start and operate successful salons.
[17:29] Mental energy can easily manifest itself as stress. Exercise is an opportunity to release that energy and return to a centered place of clarity.
[21:20] In her previous work as a property manager, Melanie would watch the clock as if she were in prison each day waiting out a sentence.
[23:15] Tony Robbins was a big influence on Melanie, especially when considering the thing she might regret in her final days – and that thing was beauty school.
[26:10] Melanie talks about getting into the “flow state” where one is fully immersed or in the “zone”.
[29:30] One driving force for her business is giving people a judgment-free environment wherein clients can be open, honest, and anonymous.
[32:50] Melanie loves prescribing books to her clients.
[35:10] As Tony Robbins has said, the quality of the life you lead depends on the quality of the questions you ask yourself on a daily basis.
[38:22] What’s the ‘truth’ about starting a business according to Melanie?
[39:29] One reality new business owners face is that they are the ones who are responsible for getting most things done, especially on small budgets.
[40:40] Melanie talks a little about decision overload and the subsequent overwhelm.
[43:34] If Melanie had it to do over…would she?
[46:45] Sometimes it’s better to trust an inner knowing of what you should do with your life, rather than waste time living the life you think you should.
[51:30] It’s important to continue to “wake yourself up” and do something big that might shake you to your core.


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“You don’t learn how to do good hair in beauty school”
“I feel ageless when I do hair”
“My driving force is the one-on-one connection”