Pat Wadors - Living an Intentional Life and Helping People Flourish

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LinkedIn’s Chief HR Officer shares how she is living life with intention, while helping people follow their passions at work and in life




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Pat Wadors is aiming to help people flourish – affecting people’s lives and experiences – doing it authentically and with great care. Because that’s her purpose. As the Senior Vice President of LinkedIn’s Global Talent Organization, and all around business leader, Pat helps people grow in their careers, and ideally, in all parts of their lives. Pat is also embracing diversity and inclusion in Silicon Valley, and recently coined the acronym #DIBs – diversity, inclusion and belonging. She describes how this comes to life for her and why it’s important. In addition to Pat’s seasoned experiences in Human Resources and as a business leader, she’s also an outspoken introvert. She knows there is power in understanding her strengths and her opportunities – making sure her actions and intentions are understood vs. remaining quiet, and in return, developing better relationships and helping other introverts have a place at the table. Pat also shares thoughtful advice about following the work you love, being true to your passion, how she continues to stay inspired – and provides some terrific storytelling.


Key Takeaways

[3:48] How and why did Pat end up in the family business of human resources?
[11:53] Pat wanted to understand business from a non-HR perspective, and how the things directed from HR really impacted employees – and moved to a direct sales group to understand.
[15:25] Pat’s purpose – or as Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn asked her, what’s your one-liner?
[18:00] Staying focused – Pat talks about her annual intention document and her year of yes.
[21:25] Pat calls it DIB’s – Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging – and it’s in the urban dictionary, so it must be cool!
[24:58] Should people follow their passion for work? Not everyone thinks so – and Pat and Christopher discuss it.
[29:02] Advice and wisdom – Coming out with who you are – people may assume the worst if you don’t declare who you are as a human, especially if you have influence over them.
[35:25] Secret powers – An introvert’s strength lies in their ability to read a room and the filters which help them form intentional questions and opinions.
[41:13] Pat would tell her younger self to ask more questions and be an advocate for others sooner.
[46:37] Pat is inspired by her daughter, and how people live their life with intention – and the Q&A sections of her talks.
[49:24] Taking a lot of her mindshare and consuming – the concept of belonging – and then Harry Potter – a engaging connection with her kids.


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“My purpose is to make you greater for having had a conversation with me. My purpose is to make you flourish.”

“If you are not being authentic to who you are or vulnerable, others may not feel comfortable following or trusting you.”

“By questioning, you build up your maturity of thought. It’s a declaration, but not necessarily your point of view.”