Rocky Walls - How Realizing Our Stories and Potentional Brings Meaning to Everyone

My Big Story

Rocky Walls is a connector, communicator, and entrepreneur — co-founding 12 Stars Media, a video production company. Rocky is also elevating his journey of connection, by helping people realize their potential.




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Rocky Walls is the Co-Founder of 12 Stars Media, a video production business in Indianapolis. Rocky isn’t the technical video guy—he’s the connector and communicator of the stories they’re helping to share. In fact, he’s the translator between organizations and their audiences, helping these companies tell their stories and their why, in a way that’s meaningful and simple. But Rocky’s story doesn’t stop there. It includes a lot of family time and adventures – making intentional decisions to integrate it all vs. conforming to a work-life balance formula. Still going strong at his company, Rocky is also elevating his journey of connection, by helping people realize their potential. This is the story of an entrepreneur working hard, and figuring out new ways to his purpose and to be of service.


Key Takeaways

[1:43] Rocky discusses why ”harmony” is a better description of how he lives his life vs. the term, “work-life balance.”
[6:55] Rocky describes how his personal strengths have helped shape his career.
[12:29] How did Rocky start on the entrepreneurial path?
[18:34] Why the thread of communication and connecting matters to Rocky and to others.
[24:22] How Rocky cares and nurtures his team.
[30:26] After nine years, Rocky reflects on his company’s past and and future.
[35:50] Rocky describes what it means to realize one’s potential.
[40:32] How to unlock the next level of potential.
[43:15] Christopher and Rocky discuss decision fatigue and finding your purpose.
[49:26] What does it mean to really be intentional?
[50:32] What keeps Rocky inspired?
[52:55] Why Rocky would like to move toward producing more content that will embrace the idea of becoming better.
[59:28] How to connect with Rocky Walls online.
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“People need connections and the best connections come from communication that is very real and very simple.”

“Every answer they give you isn’t the real answer. You’ve got to let them dig deeper.”

“Get a co-founder that is your exact opposite.”

“There isn’t one plan for every business and how you grow it.”

“We don’t address those issues of what matters often enough.”

“Find your purpose right now and be completely okay with the fact that it might change tomorrow.”

“Don’t deny yourself the ability to find purpose only because you’re afraid to commit to something.”