Sarah’s Eats and Sweets - Feeding a Community with Food and Relationships

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A husband and wife combine their skills to create a special shop that’s creating delicious meals and smart connections




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Emery and Sarah Meeks are on the show, the founders of Sarah’s Eats and Sweets based in Petaluma, CA, in the Sonoma County Wine Country.

I met the two of them back at the beginning of the year, stopping by to try their new shop. I was instantly won over by their welcoming friendship, and of course their food.

Sarah’s Eats and Sweets is part cafe, part bake shop, with a focus on locally sourced ingredients, in-house preparations, original recipes, and most notably, a welcoming experience that treats everyone as a friend and family. Also, this shop has the brilliance of a classically trained chef and the warmth and experience of a master relationship builder.

Sarah and Emery have created something special, for them and their community. That’s why I wanted to talk to them. They’re a great example of starting something with meaning, while becoming part of the community they live and work within.

So many times we hear guests on shows that are changing the world with their nonprofit, or a new idea, and so on. Those are amazing stories. But great stories and change also happen at the community level, around the corner, in a shop. That’s Sarah’s. They’re making great food, supporting other small businesses, and helping their community prosper. All while creating a life they love.

And as Emery mentioned to me, if you love what you do, you won’t work a day in your life.


Key Takeaways

[2:17] Sarah and Emery describe their cafe and bake shop.
[3:24] Sarah’s Eats and Sweets is special because customers are guests who are coming ‘home.’
[6:09] Sarah and Emery opened their cafe and bake shop so they could spend more time together since they had opposite schedules.
[8:14] Sarah and Emery work as a team, and use their unique talents to make Sarah’s special.
[10:48] Emery is using a simple method to create a memorable experience, and meaningful relationships with customers.
[12:27] Sarah realized she needed to pursue a hospitality degree after starting her medical training at Cornell.
[14:32] Sarah discovered that she is happiest in the kitchen.
[16:42] Emery and Sarah share how they first met.
[17:46] The idea of working together came as Emery and Sarah realized they were rarely able to spend time together.
[19:52] A smart start to finding customers, through local farmer’s markets.
[21:56] Sarah and Emery created lasting relationships with vendors at the local farmer’s markets — making sourcing ingredients easier, and partners to help grow their business.
[24:00] Choosing community over competition.
[25:19] Sarah and Emery support their community by becoming part of it, by helping through donations, local cook-offs, sourcing local ingredients, and by getting to know everyone they can.
[28:53] What surprises have Sarah and Emery had in their six months as business owners?
[31:42] Emery is an integral part of the experience at Sarah’s Eats and Sweets.
[34:26] How opening a business has changed the rest of their lives.
[35:54] Advice for couples starting a business together.
[37:14] Sarah and Emery share a few of their creative ideas for the future.
[39:11] How a business has helped, even for a local shop.
[40:16] Sarah and Emery understand how they each work best, and have learned to play off of one another’s strengths.
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“Community over competition.”

“If you support the community, the community will support you.”

“Just do what feels right and be part of something.”

“Stay in your lane.”

“A lot of issues with couples come from not seeing the other person’s point of view.”