Toni Purry - Using Experience and Inspiration to Grow with Confidence

My Big Story

A woman discovers a guided process to utilize accomplishments to help herself (and everyone else), regain confidence


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Toni Purry, longtime public relations (PR) strategist, is on a new journey after a lot of soul-searching. Toni has a story that many may resonate with — not loving your career anymore. Maybe you’re not sure why, or you’re feeling depressed or anxious. That was Toni, too. She wasn’t happy running her PR company anymore and she lost her self-confidence along the way. After a chance moment of inspiration, she started on a process to help herself reflect on her past experiences and to gain her confidence back — keys to finding her next step, and career.

The interesting thing is that Toni found something she wasn’t looking for; a way to help other people reflect on their own journey, and be their own cheerleader, with the process she created for herself.

Toni shares, how she felt lost, the circumstances, the depression, the clues, how things were happening, and so on — because it’s important to hear about the not-so-happy times versus just the happy ending. We need to hear about it all.

Toni’s story is about discovery, opportunities, and about feeling okay without having all the answers. Also, she’s actually talking about permission; permission to make the changes she wants, and it’s great that she’s actually living it now.


Key Takeaways

[1:58] Toni describes experiencing the “unknown.”
[5:27] How Toni realized she wanted something different from her career.
[8:27] You need to look for a trigger or clues to know you’re done and willing to move out of your career.
[12:10] Toni explains how she moved forward with her low confidence once she knew she needed to leave her PR career.
[13:54] How depression sank in.
[16:24] Toni went from a low-confidence situation, to an aha moment that turned her story around.
[20:05] Toni shares how she found a way to shift her perception about herself.
[23:04] How did Toni go from a mapping exercise to knowing what was next?
[26:02] Toni shares more about her guided motivational journal.
[29:45] My Hype Book will be available via a Kickstarter campaign in April 2017.
[31:50] Toni’s story is about her trying new things, and having new permission, and confidence.
[32:22] Toni offers advice to those wondering what is next for them.
[33:02] Where to find Toni and My Hype Book online.
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“I didn’t know how not to have a plan or a destination for where I was going.”

“I felt like ‘this company is not giving me any love,’ but I also realized I wasn’t putting any love into it.”

“I felt like I was in someone else’s skin.”

“I started on this journey of writing this process down so it could be used by other people as well.”

“It was really kind of an extraordinary turn of events that were very unplanned, but quite organic.”

“You discovered something you didn’t even know you were looking for.”

“It was a very, very organic process that worked.”

“We have to find ways to commemorate our good deeds and activities because that then helps [us] remember them more…”

“Don’t lose faith in yourself; don’t lose faith in the promise of tomorrow.”