Vanessa Stump - Capturing Her Love of Photography

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Vanessa Stump, food and portrait photographer has turned photography into a business and a lifestyle that’s helping her reach life’s goals




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Christopher Swan chats with Vanessa Stump, a professional photographer who captures portraits and lifestyle moments, and specializes in food photography. Publications such as Clean Eats, MasterChef, Sunset, Apartment Therapy, and many others, have captured her work. Embracing the skill of telling stories with her photography, clients such as AAA, Pinkberry, Patina Restaurant Group, Marriott, and BluePlate, simply LOVE her work. Tune in to hear about Vanessa living her journey, as she went back to school upon the realization that photography was the new path she needed to take. As well as the details of why photography matters to her, setting goals in work and in life, advice on following your passion, how she stays excited for her work, and more. Be sure to also check out to see pictures of the whale story Vanessa shares on the show.


Key Takeaways

[2:04] Christopher introduces Vanessa Stump – an amazing photographer.
[2:56] What does Vanessa’s world look like today?
[5:05] Vanessa shares her journey from high school to going back to school.
[10:57] Looking back, Vanessa has no regrets because she has a job that she actually likes.
[13:00] What was it like to study photography and how did Vanessa discover her love for food photography?
[15:38] Vanessa shares her thoughts on people taking pictures of their food, like all the time these days!
[17:06] Vanessa’s first camera was a gift from her father. How did that change her world?
[20:12] Vanessa shares her experience of attending Oprah’s SuperSoul Sessions, as well as what drives and motivates her.
[24:41] How does Vanessa connect her passion for photography to being an entrepreneur and a leader?
[27:26] How does Vanessa stay excited, fresh and inspired? Listen in here to also hear about how she got to touch a whale!
[30:54] “You don’t get anywhere unless you have a map of where you wanna go.” This is why Vanessa keeps a list of things she wants to do.
[36:50] In Vanessa’s experience, the best way to get work is to plan a trip.
[37:52] What would Vanessa tell her younger self about following her passion?
[41:06] What does it mean to “Dream Big”?
[44:24] Vanessa’s one piece of advice for someone starting a new career or following their passion?
[50:26] How to follow along with Vanessa and her work.
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“People wanna be around nice people.”
“You don’t get anywhere unless you have a map of where you wanna go.”
“The best way to get work is to plan a trip.”