Vincent Green-Hite - Using Crochet to Create Cute Anime and Pokémon Creatures

My Big Story

Vincent Green-Hite combined his love for video games and Pokémon, with his determination to learn to crochet – creating a new love and career. And thousands of followers around the world are cheering him on.




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Vincent Green-Hite recently started Knot Bad, a company where he crochets small stuffed characters in the style of Amigurumi — the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small, cute stuffed animals and creatures. Think Anime and Pokémon meets crochet.

In this episode, Christopher Swan helps Vincent unpack how he discovered crochet and why Amigurumi as a creative outlet, works for him. Having already gained thousands of followers and loving what he does, Vincent believes he’s on the right path with his unique vision. What’s more, Vincent recently started a charity drive with friend and fellow crocheter Jessica Carey (The Hook Nook), called The Gracie Project. This drive is collecting stuffed characters, and beanies for hospitalized children, all created by their followers – and it’s bringing even deeper fulfillment to Vincent’s work. Vincent goes on to tell us about the surprises to starting his online business, who inspires him on his journey and lot more.


Key Takeaways

[2:53] Vincent describes his crochet creations with the art of Amigurumi.
[6:32] Why Vincent chose crochet, started his company Knot Bad, and is driven by having a creative outlet that works for him!
[16:52] How the lessons Vincent has learned along the way have transpired in other areas of his life.
[20:12] Vincent shares how his friends and family have supported him along his journey with crocheting.
[25:25] Why Knot Bad and The Hook Nook recently started a charity drive, The Gracie Project (#thegracieproject), collecting beanies and dolls to donate to children’s oncology divisions at various hospitals.
[29:40] How Jessica (The Hook Nook) inspires him and has been a very supportive mentor.
[32:54] What surprised Vincent the most since starting to crochet and sharing his work online?
[34:46] Who does Vincent look to for inspiration?
[42:16] Vincent shares some of his creative community driven projects like crochet along mood scarfs (#knotabadmoodscarf) and his latest crochet pass-along doll.
[43:42] What advice would Vincent give someone who wants to start something new as he has?
[47:12] Where to best follow Vincent, Knot Bad and his awesome work.
[48:21] Vincent’’s finals words — find what you are passionate about and happiness comes along with it.
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“There’s just some internal thing inside of me that has always wanted to do crochet — I can’t explain it!”

“I think people can see that I enjoy doing it. I think that helps.”

“I’m beyond the moon about how nice people are and how supportive they are.”

“If you really feel strongly about it — you have no reason not to do it.”

“Find what you are passionate about and the happiness comes along with it.”